Design and brand image share a symbiotic relationship. A good well composed logo cannot exist without elements of good design like: Line, shape, form, texture, pattern, color, and subliminal meaning. An effective brand portrays a unique identity, and clearly communicates the value proposition.
When designing the brand image for Mark Susko Visual Design, the objective was to allude to two or three design or photography items, and keep things simple and elegant. These three things were leveraged:
First, the logo color: The gray color of 18% reflectance, or the gray card that photographers use to calibrate their white balance to the scene at hand. 
Second, the frame or brackets: The logo marks allude to the act of making crop marks with your fingers, like a cinematographer or artist will do. This is a way to visualize how the scene itself should be cropped, according to rule of thirds, etc. Also in marketing terms, reframing is a useful technique to ask better questions when trying to understand a problem and come up with a creative solution.
With those things addressed first, the solution came rather easily!
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